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Kristin and Rishi’s Wedding at Diana at Biltmore: Part IV by Michael Oppenheim

These are the final images from Kristin and Rishi's Wedding at the Diana venue on the Biltmore Estate from October 2010.  Again a big thanks goes out to Tamara Heston of Belle Soiree and Maura Scarmack of the Biltmore Estate for putting together such a fabulous wedding.   As you can tell from some of the dance shots everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Asheville band, A Social Function.  I've done plenty of weddings with these guys and everyone always has a great time!    And, of course, a big thank you to Kristin and Rishi (and their families) for being so fun to photograph.  I feel privileged that they chose me to capture their special day and hope they will enjoy the images for years to come! In closing I want to share a little blurb that Rishi wrote:

“Kristin and I first met in high school in Fort Myers, FL. I was a senior and she was afreshman. We started out being friends however my crush on her grew stronger and stronger. We never dated but stayed good friends throughout college until we lost touch with each other.  Ten years had past and our paths crossed again. I knew from there thatthis time I wouldn’t let her go. I was able to charm her and we started dating. After 2 years we were married. Kristin and I wrote our own vows which we shared with everyone at our wedding letting them know our history and the road we each took to have our paths cross years later.

Our first song we ever danced to was Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” I wanted to do something amazing for Kristin for our wedding day. I was able to get the fireworks and surprise her with the look a husband can never forget. I planned a speech to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful day with us. I also thanked my parents and my future parent-in-laws for being the best parents we could have. I turned to her and told her how happy I was being with her and how amazing she made me feel.  At that moment, the song “The Way You Make Me Feel” starting playing with the fireworks starting in the background. A look a husband can never forgot...Beautiful!

There were so many unique details and special memories from our friends and family that it is difficult to only share a few!"

And this was something that Kristin's mom shared with me:   "I haven't had a chance to thank you for helping to make Kristin and Rishi's wedding special.  You captured some amazing photos that we will cherish for a lifetime."

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Thanks to the following wedding vendors that contributed to the success of their wedding day!

Wedding Coordinator:  Tamara Heston at Belle Soiree.

Maura Scarmack:  Biltmore Estate Events and Catering

Florist:  Purple Iris (Liz Wright)

Reception Band: A Social Function