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Ship to Shore wedding dress meets professional dancer by Michael Oppenheim

When professional dancer Kathy Meyers-Leiner told me that the talented R. Brooke Priddy of  Ship to Shore Clothiers was designing her wedding dress I was excited to say the least.  I couldn't wait to see what kind of wedding dress Brooke would design for a dancer.  Even without seeing the dress my mind instantly churned out images of Kathy maneuvering and dancing along water's edge, in a deep forest, surrounded by fall color .  Of course, it wasn't so hard to conjure up these images since I had photographed Kathy earlier this year performing a dance at {Re}Happening at Camp Rockmont at Lake Eden in Black Mountain, NC. So a week and a half before Kathy's wedding we met on a beautiful October late afternoon at Camp Rockmont on Lake Eden. Deja vu!    Kathy looked stunning in her custom Ship to Shore wedding dress and what we were able to capture over the next couple of hours totally exceeded my expectations.  The dress seemed so natural on her.  It allowed for freedom of movement.  But it also had so many layers to it and  wonderful attention to detail.   Hopefully this is reflected in the images shown here.

I want to thank Kathy for really putting so much creative energy into this portrait session.  It was a privilege photographing a professional dancer wearing a custom-made Brooke Priddy wedding dress!  And I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kathy...this little blog post is a little birthday present for you!!!  Congratulations again on your recent wedding and I can't wait to share those images on my blog very soon!
































Ship to Shore is located in West Asheville.  You can contact Brooke at 828-242-1378 to arrange for a studio visit, or custom design. You can also visit her website at